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Unlock the potential of your wiki with Semantic MediaWiki (SMW). Enable structured data, build complex queries, and create a seamless knowledge management experience.

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Professional Semantic MediaWiki Services

Semantic MediaWiki Hosting

Semantic MediaWiki Hosting

Create your wiki with a few clicks via ProWiki, the hosting service by the Semantic MediaWiki maintainers.

Semantic MediaWiki Consulting

Semantic MediaWiki Consulting

Get the most out of your semantic wiki by leveraging our unparalleled SMW expertise.

Semantic MediaWiki Development

Semantic MediaWiki Development

Commission us to develop new SMW features, SMW extensions, SMW integrations, or fix bugs.

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What is Semantic MediaWiki

Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) is a free and open-source extension to MediaWiki. SMW lets you store and query data within your wiki's pages. It turns your wiki into a flexible collaborative knowledge base for your knowledge management. Thousands of wikis use Semantic MediaWiki. From large enterprises that use SMW for their internal knowledge management needs to public institutions that use SMW to publish their datasets. View testimonials.

Semantic MediaWiki is an alternative to Wikibase .

Manage Your Knowledge Via Forms

Define forms via which your wiki users can easily add and update knowledge.

Semantic MediaWiki Form

Semantic MediaWiki supports auto-completion, validation and rich input elements.

Visualize Your Knowledge

Aggregate information into automatically generated lists or dynamic visualizations.

Semantic MediaWiki Map Visualization

Visualize your knowledge directly in your wiki pages via Semantic MediaWiki queries.

You can also use queries to create different "views" on your data, optimizing your wiki for multiple use cases.

Free Your Knowledge

Integrate SMW with your internal systems or open up to the world.

Semantic MediaWiki Data Export

Access your structured data in JSON, CSV, RDF, etc. via the web API. Or use the SPARQL endpoint.

Semantic MediaWiki Consulting

Get the most out of your semantic wiki via our Semantic MediaWiki consulting services.

We can assist you with the creation of data structures, installation of extensions, SMW configuration, data modeling, forms, usability improvements, data imports, permissions, or MediaWiki upgrades.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, Semantic MediaWiki, Semantic Result Formats, Page Forms, Semantic Scribunto (Lua), Semantic Compound Queries, Semantic Tasks, Semantic Drilldown, and Graph databases (RDF triple stores) like Virtuoso, Jena Fuseki, or Blazegraph.

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Unparalleled Semantic MediaWiki Expertise

Professional Wiki was founded by the maintainers of Semantic MediaWiki (SMW): Jeroen De Dauw and Karsten Hoffmeyer. Jeroen and Karsten have been involved with the project since 2009, made big changes and additions in SMW, contributed to dozens of SMW extensions, and gave several talks at SMWCons.

At Professional Wiki, we assisted countless organizations with the adoption of Semantic MediaWiki.

Customer Testimonials

We experience ProWiki as a reliable wiki hosting provider that responds quickly to all our questions and needs.
We unreservedly recommend Professional Wiki for all matters relating to MediaWiki.

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Semantic MediaWiki 4.1.0 released
Semantic MediaWiki 4.1.0 released

Learn what is new in Semantic MediaWiki 4.1.0.

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Get superior results from the best MediaWiki developers with a proven track record of creating MediaWiki extensions & integrations.

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Make your wiki look great! Use a time-tested responsive MediaWiki theme, or have us create a custom MediaWiki skin for you.

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Let us take care of your wiki. We are MediaWiki hosting experts and provide cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and on-premise hosting.

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Bring your wiki to the next level by leveraging our MediaWiki expertise. From strategic planning to wikitext, we have you covered.

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Migrate your wiki with confidence. We move your MediaWiki to a new home, or we help you migrate from another system to MediaWiki.

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Keep your MediaWiki up-to-date and secure. We offer MediaWiki maintenance services to keep your wiki running smoothly.

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