Why we’re here

Creating a modern wiki experience on top of the software that powers Wikipedia.

MediaWiki is a powerful open-source software platform that powers hundreds of thousands of wikis. Professional Wiki provides professional MediaWiki consulting services and MediaWiki hosting. We make MediaWiki more useful for businesses and organizations.

With ProWiki we provided the first truly modern MediaWiki experience. Gone are the days of needing to assign your IT staff to maintain a new software stack. You can now create and configure your wiki with a few clicks.

Our Expertise

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Professional Wiki GmbH is a Berlin-based company with an international team that serves international clients.

We are MediaWiki veterans with expertise that includes MediaWiki hosting and MediaWiki software development.

Professional Wiki has made significant contributions to MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki and Wikibase. Our MediaWiki developers created over 40 MediaWiki extensions and our Wikibase developers created over 8 Wikibase extensions.

We are a customer-focused agile company. We value professionalism, quality and sustainability. Join our team.

Our History

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    Our Humble Beginnings

    Our founders attend their first SMWCon. Jeroen creates the Maps extension.

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    We Level Up

    We become maintainers of Semantic MediaWiki. Jeroen creates Wikibase and Wikidata, and is promoted to Software Architect at Wikimedia Deutschland. Karsten launches WikiHoster.

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    January 2019

    Founding of Professional Wiki

    We start collaborating formally to deliver next-level MediaWiki services.

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    May 2022

    ProWiki Launches

    We launch ProWiki, the most modern and user-friendly MediaWiki hosting platform.

Meet the Team

Professional Wiki - Jeroen De Dauw

Jeroen De Dauw


Jeroen is our CTO. He created Wikibase, maintains Semantic MediaWiki and is credited as one of MediaWiki's creators.

Jeroen is a software craftsman with deep expertise in software architecture, testing, and quality. He occasionally posts on his developer blog.

Jeroen started working with MediaWiki in 2009 and has since assisted companies across the globe, including Google and the Wikimedia Foundation.

In his spare time, Jeroen enjoys beach volleyball, board games, and reading.

Professional Wiki - Karsten Hoffmeyer

Karsten Hoffmeyer

CFO & MediaWiki Expert

Besides being our CFO, Karsten is a MediaWiki veteran with deep and broad MediaWiki usage expertise.

Karsten has set up 100s of wikis and is one of the most active editors on MediaWiki.org and Semantic-MediaWiki.org.

Karsten got involved with MediaWiki in 2009. In 2011, he launched WikiHoster.net. Karsten has spoken at several MediaWiki conferences.

In his free time, Karsten enjoys caring for plants, taking walks, and editing wikis.

Tobias Oetterer

MediaWiki expert

Tobias is a well rounded MediaWiki expert. He is an experienced wiki administrator, has set up multiple wikis and has created his own MediaWiki extensions. He has been involved in the Semantic MediaWiki community for many years.

Iván Hernández-Cazorla

MediaWiki expert

Iván is specialized in cultural heritage and digital humanities. He has been providing both MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki services for multiple years. He is active in the community and is familiar with Wikidata.

Stephan Gambke

MediaWiki expert

Stephan is a veteran MediaWiki developer. He created several MediaWiki extensions and is the author of the popular Chameleon skin. Stephan has been involved with the MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki communities for over a decade.

Morne Alberts

MediaWiki developer

Morne has been doing web development for over a decade and is currently maintaining the popular Chameleon skin. He has a passion for automation, testing and well designed and sustainable solutions.

Wouter Rademaker

MediaWiki expert

Wouter has been working with MediaWiki for over 15 years. His experience includes constructing and maintaining wiki farms, among which an integrated multi-language farm, system administration and Semantic MediaWiki.

MediaWiki expert

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Are you an open-minded and driven developer that likes working in a small Agile team of skilled developers? Join Professional Wiki!

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Our Development Portfolio

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Customer Testimonials

"Professional Wiki provided Rhizome with competent and timely custom development work. Making use of all the tools that are available to open source developers today, the team built extensions that follow modern software design guidelines, are easy to install, configure, and maintain, and include good documentation and automated testing. Quite unique in the Mediawiki space!"
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Dragan Espenschied / Preservation Director, Rhizome
"I had the pleasure to work with Jeroen at Wikimedia Deutschland. Jeroen is one of the most productive and passionate developers that I know. Without Jeroen, Wikidata would not have such a rich range of functions and would be built on a less flexible, lower-quality codebase and architecture. Jeroen has in-depth knowledge and broad experience about clean code and software architectures. I have always appreciated his professional attitude, collegial and reliable manner. He is an absolute win for any team and project!"
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Abraham Taherivand / Executive Director, Wikimedia Deutschland
"Jeroen is Technical Director at Professional Wiki. Jeroen was working on Semantic MediaWiki and was one of the original developers on Wikibase at Wikimedia Deutschland. I had the pleasure of working with Jeroen for many years and have rarely found someone as dedicated as him towards the quality of the software he is working on."
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Denny Vrandečić / Head of Special Projects, Wikimedia Foundation
"We were lucky to have had multiple opportunities to work with Professional Wiki and were consistently impressed by their expertise and commitment to quality. They deliver outstanding results and provide back to the open source community. Professional Wiki is professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to delivering top-notch software. Their passion and experience in software architecture and clean code are evident in every project they take on. We highly recommend Professional Wiki for any project in the Mediawiki/Wikibase space."
IP Squared and Digital Werktuig on Automated Values and Wikibase EDTF

Professional Wiki is able to satisfy all your needs as single provider serving high quality holistic customer-focused solutions. Just get in touch with us!