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Wikibase Development Services

  • Wikibase Extension Development Our Wikibase developers create or enhance extensions for your specific needs
  • Wikibase Integration Our consultants integrate your Wikibase with other software. Authentication, import, export, web hooks, APIs, graph databases, artificial intelligence (AI), we have got you covered.
  • Wikibase Skinning Make your Wikibase look unique with a custom Wikibase theme. Our developers create a new MediaWiki skin or configure an existing one such as our very own Chameleon.
  • Wikibase Import Tooling Import data from other systems into Wikibase. Our developers create high-performance data ingestion tools.
  • Wikibase Synchronization Sync data between Wikibase instances or between your Wikibase and other systems. Our developers create tools to keep your data in sync.

Your Benefits

High standards

Proven track record

Iterative processes

  • Play it safe We have a long and proven track record of successful projects starting in 2009. We are well respected within the MediaWiki community.
  • Work with real experts We created large parts of Wikibase itself and have software development expertise that is unmatched in the Wikibase ecosystem. You do not have to take our word for it, our track record and public code repositories speak for themselves.
  • Get your desired results quickly We practice iterative development and work with our clients to ensure we create the best solutions for their use cases.
  • Enjoy quality software We deliver sustainable software with high internal and external quality. We follow clean code practices, create automated tests and develop with continuous integration.
  • Bug-free, guaranteed! Bugs are our responsibility. We are committed to delivering quality work. If any bugs do slip through, we fix them free of charge.

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About Professional Wiki


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Professional Wiki GmbH is a Berlin-based company with an international team that serves international clients.

We are MediaWiki veterans with expertise that includes MediaWiki hosting and MediaWiki software development.

Our CEO is one of the original developers of Wikibase and made more code changes to Wikibase than anyone else. Professional Wiki has created over 40 MediaWiki extensions and helped over a dozen large organizations with their Wikibase projects. We also provide Wikibase hosting.

We are a customer-focused agile company. We value professionalism, quality and sustainability. Learn more about Professional Wiki.

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Customer Testimonials

We highly recommend Professional Wiki for any project in the Mediawiki/Wikibase space.
We wished to display SPARQL query results in our Wikibase and commissioned Professional Wiki to develop a solution. They created a flexible extension that is just what we needed.
Professional Wiki helped us to fine tune our requirements and created the excellent Wikibase Export extension for non-technical users. It’s very clean, clear and user-friendly.
Professional Wiki provided Rhizome with competent and timely custom development work. Making use of all the tools that are available to open source developers today, the team built extensions that follow modern software design guidelines, are easy to install, configure, and maintain, and include good documentation and automated testing. Quite unique in the Mediawiki space!
Jeroen is one of the most productive and passionate developers that I know. Without Jeroen, Wikidata would not have such a rich range of functions and would be built on a less flexible, lower-quality codebase and architecture. Jeroen has in-depth knowledge and broad experience about clean code and software architectures. I have always appreciated his professional attitude, collegial and reliable manner. He is an absolute win for any team and project!

Recent Wikibase Extensions

Public Wikibase extensions that we created for our clients.

Wikibase Export
Created in 2022 for Universität Mannheim

Wikibase Export adds a user-friendly and customizable export interface to Wikibase.

Source code Documentation Demo wiki Demo video
Automated Values
Created in 2022 for the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture

Wikibase extension that allows defining rules to automatically set labels or aliases based on Statement values.

Source code Documentation Demo wiki Demo video
Wikibase RDF
Created in 2022 for the Wikibase Stakeholder Group

Wikibase extension that allows defining RDF mappings for Wikibase Entities.

Source code Documentation Demo wiki
Wikibase EDTF
Created in 2021 for the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture

Wikibase EDTF adds a user-friendly and customizable export interface to Wikibase.

Source code Documentation Demo wiki Demo video Source code
Wikibase Local Media
Created in 2020 for the Rhizome

Adds support for local media files to Wikibase via a new data type.

Source code Documentation Demo video

Our MediaWiki Projects

We created over 40 MediaWiki extensions and contributed to over 100. Here are some highlights:

Professional Wiki - Semantic MediaWiki development

Semantic MediaWiki

Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) is a free, open-source extension to MediaWiki that lets you store and query data within the wiki's pages.

Work with the best Semantic MediaWiki developers in the world. We created large parts of SMW, are its maintainers, and also provide Semantic MediaWiki hosting.

Professional Wiki - Wikibase development


Wikibase is a free, open-source software platform for creating knowledge bases. It powers Wikidata and is primarily developed by Wikimedia Deutschland.

Work with the best Wikibase developers. We created arge parts of Wikibase itself, developed various extensions for our clients, and provide Wikibase hosting.

Created in 2009 during Google Summer of Code

Google Maps and Leaflet integration for MediaWiki. Embed dynamic and highly customizable maps into your wiki. Features a visual map editor and integration with Semantic MediaWiki.

Source code Documentation Demo wiki Demo video
Created in 2014

We maintain Chameleon, the most popular mobile and responsive MediaWiki skin. Chameleon is highly customizable, often used by companies to brand their corporate wikis in line with their corporate identity.

Source code Documentation Example wikis
Launched in 2022

We created the most modern MediaWiki hosting product on the market. Create your wiki by filling out a simple form and manage it via a user-friendly wiki administration interface.

We developed ProWiki with the same rigor that we apply to projects for our clients. While it is not open source, our creation and operation of the platform demonstrates our expertise.

Website Blog

Our History

  • ...


    Our Humble Beginnings

    Our founders attend their first SMWCon. Jeroen creates the Maps extension.

  • ...


    We Level Up

    We become maintainers of Semantic MediaWiki. Jeroen creates Wikibase and Wikidata, and is promoted to Software Architect at Wikimedia Deutschland. Karsten launches

  • ...

    January 2019

    Founding of Professional Wiki

    We start collaborating formally to deliver next-level MediaWiki services.

  • ...

    May 2022

    ProWiki Launches

    We launch ProWiki, the most modern and user-friendly MediaWiki hosting platform.

Learn more about Professional Wiki.

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From Our Blogs

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Automated Values Released

We developed a new MediaWiki extension for the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture. Automate value creation in your Wikibase.

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Fast Bulk Import Into Wikibase

Importing a large number of Items into Wikibase can be a challenge. We provide a high-level overview of importing approaches and their performance.

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Advice for Junior Developers

Jeroen shares his advice for junior developers. This is a great read for anyone who is just starting out with programming.

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