MediaWiki Survey

Posted on 2020-04-19 by Jeroen De Dauw

We are running a survey to find out how MediaWiki can be improved for the typical user.

Are you using MediaWiki? Or have you looked into using it? We'd love to hear what your experience was like. Letting us know your thoughts only takes a few minutes.

We are doing this survey since we think the needs of the typical user are not that well understood. Most feedback on the MediaWiki software comes from highly technical users or from those involved with Wikimedia. If you fall into one of these categories, this survey is not for you, though please do share it with more typical users.

Please do not fill out the survey if you are a MediaWiki developer, MediaWiki consultant, Wikimedia employee or if your primary MediaWiki usage is on Wikimedia projects.

Are you currently using MediaWiki? Then go to the MediaWiki User Survey.

Are you considering using MediaWiki or did you investigate MediaWiki in the past? Then fill out the MediaWiki survey for non-users.

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