New extension: Wikibase Export

Posted on 2023-02-13 by Jeroen De Dauw

Wikibase Export is the new user-friendly way to export Wikibase data.

Wikibase Export is our latest Wikibase extension. It allows you to export Wikibase data via a convenient and configurable web interface.

Users can filter and group data by year, choose an export language, and pick their preferred header format.

Administrators can configure the export user interface from within the wiki.


Try out the extension yourself via the Wikibase Export demo wiki.

Documentation and Installation Instructions

Learn how to install, use, and configure the extension via the Wikibase Export documentation.

Export page provided by Wikibase Export

Development of Wikibase Export

Development of Wikibase Export was led by our Wikibase Developers Jeroen De Dauw and Morne Alberts. Learn more about our Wikibase software development services.

We thank our client Universität Mannheim for sponsoring the development of Wikibase Export.

Thanks also go to Renat Shigapov and Irene Schumm for conceptualizing the extension and to the Wikibase Stakeholder Group for their feedback.

Wikibase Hosting

Check out our tailored Wikibase hosting and Wikibase cloud hosting services.
Both include Wikibase Export and many other MediaWiki extensions.

Wikibase configuration section on the ProWiki Admin Panel


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